Unlock Your Ultimate Self Potential

The ONLINE coaching system applies the science of Body Typing, Exercise & Nutrition to EMPOWER you to a healthier mind and body.

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Goal Planning Session with Trainer

10 minutes for you and the trainer to talk about your goals and everything you would like to get from this program. And the goal planning session is FREE! An opportunity to get to know the trainer and if this is the right program for you.

Access to App and Your Custom Program

Download the Kool Body App and the trainer will give you access once the fitness plan is created. The trainer and you will walk through the plan, make modifications and off you go!

Scheduled Accountability Calls

We have your back all they way through this program! Once you get access to the program, we set up accountability calls to boost your motivation and drive all they way through. You are not only getting a workout, you are getting COACHED!

Access to FB Private PB Community

Get access into the exclusive and private FB page. Only those that are currently or have participated in the past have access. A unique group of winners that are all here to support, to be supported. The FB page also becomes a place to teach new things and create new competitions.

Result Tracking

You are here for RESULTS. Staying focused on what you came here for is important for the trainers coaching, as well as, your motivation. The app has a tracker where we get to check in every so often to see how we are doing.

Choose the plan that 'fits' you 

Book Your 10 Minute Goal Planning Session

Kool Body® Executive

Zoom Live Training +

  • 8 week custom designed workout program.
  • ZOOM led workout with trainer.
  • Custom designed nutrition plan.
  • Weekly accountability phone calls.
  • Weekly group Zoom calls.
  • Unlimited In-App messaging with trainer.
  • Access into exclusive Facebook community page
  • Access to 1 month in IMPACT

Kool Body® Standard

Self Guided Training +

  • Access to 8 week pre-designed workout program via App.
  • Custom designed nutrition program.
  • Weekly Zoom group calls.
  • Unlimited In-App messaging with trainer.
  • Access to 1 month in IMPACT.

Kool Body® Nutrition

Custom Designed Nutriton

  • Access to 8 week custom designed nutrition plan.
  • Body Typing.
  • Modifications to plan as needed.
  • Body composition tracking.
  • Access into exclusive Facebook community.
  • Access to 1 month in IMPACT.
  • Note: The Kool Body Nutrition package is included in the Executive & Standard options.

Meet Your Trainer  

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

Why do I need to do a phone call?

Online training may not be for everyone. So the 10 minute phone call reviews your goal and determines if what I have to offer and who I am as a trainer is the right fit for you. No sales pitch.  

What equipment do I need?

If you are doing the Executive package, I create the program based around what equipment you have, your gym, or I make recommendations on what equipment to get.

If you are doing the Standard package, I have pre-designed workouts for home and the gym using basic equipment. Ill inform the client what they need when they are deciding the bast package for them.

What If I can't do certain exercises ?

I can easily modify the exercises in both the Executive and Standard packages to meet your ability.  

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. The community is designed to build a virtual team, a place that I can present great content for learning, to hold competition and have fun.

When can I get started?

All programs (Executive, Standard and Nutrition) take me about 3 or 4 days to create. Even though the Standard is pre-designed, the nutrition element of that package is custom and takes time to gather the info and create.  

Are these gym or home workouts?

I create both gym and home workouts for the Executive and Standard packages.  

Does my location matter?

Anyone can use the app and join the community. That said, the Find My Ride feature is currently available only for Canada and the U.S. We hope to expand to other countries soon.  

What is body typing that is offered in the Nutrition Package?

The nutrition programs begins with a short 18 multiple choice questionnaire that will determine if you are a Ecotomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph body type. The body types identify which is the best modality to workout and best food plan for your body. This information is very important for me as I put together the workouts and nutrition. The body type test is apart of each package.